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Mr Terry Faragher

The majority of the pictures came from a collection owned by Mr Terry Faragher (identified by WTF in picture.) Mr Faragher has an extensive collection of Manx pictures, not just of aeroplanes, of which these photo's form just a part. Mr Faragher is always interested to hear from fellow enthusiasts and can be contacted at:

2, Close Rushen
Isle of Man.


Manx Aviation in War and Peace

Most of the text is reproduced by kind permission of Mr Gordon Kniveton, and is taken from his book: Manx Aviation in War and Peace

This book is published by The Manx Experience, who have a large range of other books of Manx interest. Contact them at:

The Manx Experience
45 Slieau Dhoo
Tromode Park
Isle of Man

Stella Pixton

The material about the Schneider Trophy race came from Stella Pixton, the daughter of Howard Pixton, who is resident on the Isle of Man with her own business: 'Jurby Junk'. (Pictures marked: 'SP')

John Woodside

Thanks also to John Woodside, who provided much information, particularly regarding G-ACLL. (pictures marked: JW)