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Approximate flight time: 40 min

No of flights per week: 8

Airlines that fly direct: Easy Jet, Emerald Airlines

No. of Airports : Belfast International , Belfast City Airport

Currency: GBP


Building from its rocky past, Belfast has become a tourism hub of Europe. From Game of Thrones to music festivals through to wall art, there’s plenty going on for such a compact city.

Irish hospitality is famous around the world, and the friendliness of the people doesn’t magically stop at the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Belfast’s inhabitants are friendly, informative, and, most importantly, great craic. No matter when you go or where you go, you’re likely to make a few friends whether you mean to or not.

The Titanic Building

Belfast has a rich history of ship building, and the Titanic was built in the city’s docks. Two Harland and Wolff cranes, known as Samson and Goliath, dominate the city’s skyline, but the Titanic Building itself is the place to be if you’re interested in the ship. What’s more, in 2016 the museum was awarded Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction and World’s Leading Tourist Attraction by the World Tourism Awards.

The Ulster Museum

Belfast’s other main museum is The Ulster Museum which first opened its doors to the public in 1833 and continues to exhibit to this day. It houses numerous exhibitions over five floors and 8,000 square feet of floor space. Its exhibits include an Egyptian mummy, a host of natural history dioramas, and a host of art on the top floor.

Belfast Castle

Another feature of Cavehill is Belfast Castle, which is tucked away on the slopes of the mountains in Cavehill Country Park. The original Belfast Castle was within the city itself, but the current castle, built in the suburbs, was completed in 1870. As well as the visitors’ centre and antiques shop, the castle and its grounds provide some exceptional views of the city.

Game of Thrones Tours

In Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones employs more people than the civil service. It’s a huge part of the economy, and its stars can often be seen walking around Belfast. For any fans that want a closer look at the show’s trappings, though, a few companies run Game of Thrones tours, departing from the city to visit the show’s filming locations. Some of the tour guides are former extras on the show, so it’s truly a personal take on the world of Westeros.

Belfast Zoological Gardens

A home to more than 140 species of animal, many of which are in danger in their natural habitat.

As one of the oldest visitor attractions in Northern Ireland, many visitors have fond memories of visiting the gardens, which have been home to the animals since 1934. Belfast Zoo is now a leading and award-winning visitor attraction in Northern Ireland, with more than 200,000 visitors each year.

HMS Caroline - a unique survivor of The Battle of Jutland in World War One.
Based in Belfast’s famous Titanic Quarter, HMS Caroline is a First World War-era ship now restored as a must-see floating museum with an amazing story to tell.

Be immersed in life aboard this unique vessel – lone survivor of the First World War’s greatest naval engagement… the Battle of Jutland!

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