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Special Assistance


Hidden Disabilities

Isle of Man Airport actively supports the Hidden Disabilities Programme, which is easily identified by the sunflower logo.  We have a number of staff specially trained to assist those customers who are travelling with hidden disabilities, and would ask anyone needing assistance to contact a member of staff.


Reduced Mobility

If you or someone you know who is travelling has reduced mobility, assistance is available to help you pass through the airport.  Assistance can be booked in advance when making your reservation, or alternatively requested at check-in.  Mobility assistance is currently provided at the Airport by Menzies Aviation on behalf of all the airlines.  


Assistance Through Security

People with visible and non-visible disabilities requiring assistance must make themselves known to the Security Officer. You may require this to be addressed discreetly, we are happy to help.

The Security Officer where required will help you get prepared for screening, if you require assistance lifting baggage onto the x-ray belt please ask we are happy to help.


You will be asked to remove all coats, jackets and hats, if you feel this may make you feel uncomfortable please ask for the supervisor who will offer a search in a private location.


Please remember to remove all large electrical items and liquids from your bag before screening

Any medication larger than the 100ml limit must be accompanied by a doctor’s letter; this will be checked by your Security Officer.


Ensure the security officer is aware of any medical devices carried and its location, you will not be asked to remove this from your person for screening. If any spare devices are being carried these should be removed from your luggage for screening.


If you are selected for search the Security Officer will make reasonable adjustments if necessary, this should be achieved by discussion with you the passenger.


People with visible and non-visible disabilities must be aware the Security Officer is under a legal obligation to satisfy as far as reasonably practicable there are no prohibited articles.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

You may yourself choose to wear PPE. Our Security Officers may ask you to show your face during screening, your face covering will not be touched by any other person but you.

If you are asked to remove your shoes for screening, we offer foot coverings to ensure your feet stay clean.

Carry Medication

For liquid medication over 100ml you should carry documentary evidence to confirm the need of the medication or in the form of a letter from a medical practitioner or medical company, this will be checked by the security officer.


Medical devices (including spare devices) spare insulin pump or Continuous Glucose Monitoring may not be screened through x-ray machines. These will be screened by an alternative method ( see attached Medical Device Awareness Card)


   Walk through Metal Detector:

Depending on the disability you may be asked to walk through our metal detector, do not worry, if you have any concerns our officers will speak to you about alternative screening methods.


 Hand Held Metal Detector

Depending on the disability you may be screened by our wand, do not worry, if you have concerns our officers will speak to you about alternative screening methods.


Trace Detection Machine


If the above methods cause you concern with your disability you will be swabbed. Any concerns please ask for the Supervisor. Your personal belongings and any mobility aids may be subject to trace detection also.


 Body Search

This may feel a little intrusive and personal but remember the Security Officer is just carrying out their job. If this search is not something you would like to take place in public ask for a private search. Our officers are happy to help.

If you have any concerns please do hesitate to speak to the Supervisor.


Any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Isle of Man Security Department on 01624 821712